The Lamonts

Aydin Say


Aydin was born and adopted in Istanbul and grew up in Delaware. Delaware isn’t super cool, so after high school, he went to the University of Kentucky and later moved back to Delaware to make sure it wasn’t cool.

He made the best of his time there. In Delaware, Say performed with  bands such as Southpaw, Tastes Like Chicken, The Homeslyce Soldiers and the heavy rock-funk quartet, Comet vs. Planet. You can check out some of these bands at

He eventually moved to Los Angeles and played in several hip-hop and rock projects, the most notable being the 4-piece metal band Drawing Down. Aydin left Los Angeles in 2003 and moved to Maui. Since moving, Say has played in a variety of bands. In 2009, he and Trevor Arnholt formed Phys. Ed. Rentals, a punk rock/hip-hop funk 2-man project that would be the stepping stone by which The Lamonts would form.

Aydin is the owner operator of Prison Street Design and almost exclusively wears cargo shorts and black socks. Poop.